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September 18, 2012
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Side note: This is based around the 1930s. Just thought I'd put that out there~

"(Y/N), do we have to rob this bank? Why not a bank..... I don't know.... closer to home?" Your gang member Alfred whined.

"Oh hush up Al, it'l be worth it once we get all the money." You reply. You were going to rob a bank, not just any bank, a HUGE one with lots of money stashed inside, with a little help from your gang of course.

"Ve~ I'm excited" A happy voice came from behind you.

"Now Feli, don't let them go this time." You order. no matter how scared you get..... don't"

You walk in, the sound of your healed shoes clinking on the cold ground, you hold you gun up and calmly say,"This is a robbery, everyone against the wall."

You aren't like other Gangsters, you made sure women and kids were always safe when you robbed a bank. You were kinda like a female John Dillenger, only wanting money.

Panicked, people run over and lean up against the wall. Alfred, Feli, and Lovino make make sure they don't escape. You walk over to the teller, who by all means, was cute. You lean up against the window, you black button-down resting nicely on you, and say"Well hello there, how are you-opps to slow, now give me the money."

The Clerk looked pretty scared as he grabbed a sack and loaded up the cash.'He is so cute when he is scared-wait what am I thinking? This is a robbery, not a love story!' you thought.

"Whats your name son?" you ask him.

"K-Kiku Honda." he replies, stuttering a bit. Man it was adorable.

"I see, and do you know who I am?" you ask him, raising an eyebrow.

"Y-yes I do. You're (Y/N) (L/N) , the famous gang leader." he replies, bowing his head in honor.

"You ain't from here are you?"

"I'm from Japan." He tells you, a bit calmer then when you first started off.

"Nice." You reply and hold your hand out, wanting the money.

Kiku shook his head."No..... I'll give you something better."

"like what?"

"Rike this." He replied, going out of his zone and kissing you. The kiss lasted for about a minute until-

"WHAT THE CRAPOLA!(Y/N)! What are you-a doing?!" Lovino asked/yelled at you and kiku making you pull away, and making Kiku blush a thousand shades of red.

You smirk a bit. "Aww Lovi, are you jealous?" You tease him messing with the hem of your skirt.

Lovino Blushes."No! W-what would make you think that? AND DON'T CALL ME LOVI!"

You laugh a bit."Pfft I'm your boss I can do what I want." Kiku looks away trying to hide his blush and you take the money-bag out of his hand, he didn't even notice!

You ask everyone if they are okay and safe and you kiss Kiku's cheek before walking out.

"I've gotta run, Thanks for the money." You say making him blush." And Kiku..." you start, then pause. "You're not to bad of a kisser." And with that, you left the bank with a crush and a sack full of cold hard cash.
I hope y'all liked it~

It took me a while to write, sorry its short -_-

COMMENT LEASE! I'M FOREVER ALONE AND NEED COMMENTS!and watchers But thats beside the point~
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I'm a pimp
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Dawwwww, dis was just too cute~
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" 'Rike this.' He replied, going out of his zone and kissing you. The kiss lasted for about a minute "

Me: *Flails arms around while my mom looks at me like, "WTF, (Name)-"

Me: What?! *Screams at Computer* 

Mom: O . o 
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