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Gerard as a cat by pikachumustache Gerard as a cat :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 16 2 Paint me! by pikachumustache Paint me! :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 16 9 Crappy speed draw thing by pikachumustache Crappy speed draw thing :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 2 14 I'm so freaking lazy today by pikachumustache I'm so freaking lazy today :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 1 25 ...I promised sushi... by pikachumustache ...I promised sushi... :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 4 8 Kill me now.. by pikachumustache Kill me now.. :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 1 48 Contest entry Rainbowdash thing... by pikachumustache Contest entry Rainbowdash thing... :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 1 2 First show= done~ by pikachumustache First show= done~ :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 2 47 Aya- Mad Father by pikachumustache Aya- Mad Father :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 3 296
The Future is Bulletproof!- Canada x Reader
The Future is Bulletproof!
The Aftermath is secondary,
It's Time to do it now, and Do it loud!
Killjoys, make some Noise!

"Matty, stop being so shy! I mean, you won't be known in life unless you stand up and actually do something with your life!" You nag to him. You were tired of him being ignored.
"Sorry (Y/N), I just don't like causing a riot..." He replied his soft voice making you facepalm.
"I'm also getting annoyed at how the guards are treating you Matt! Look, It's not 2017 anymore, we don't have much freedom anymore. " You point out to him making him sigh.
Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs, I don't need it
But I'll sell what you got, take the cash and I'll keep it
Eight legs to the wall, hit the gas, kill them all
And we crawl and we crawl and we crawl, you be my detonator

"So? It's not like we can really do anything about (Y/N)... " He sighed and you grinned at him. "Oh no, you have an idea.."
"You bet your tightie-whities  I have an idea! Lets start an up risi
:iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 43 91
New glasses baby!! by pikachumustache New glasses baby!! :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 2 45 No braces bros!!! by pikachumustache No braces bros!!! :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 2 110
Owned (BTT x Geek!Reader)
You sighed as you grabbed your books for the next 3 periods left at school. You carefully closed your locker and headed to class. Only to be greeted by the 'players' at your school. All vary tall. And pervy in the head. You didn't pay much attention to them. Which of course, gave them interest. You loved video games more then people. You were in the state of thinking about Amnesia when Francis, being the perv he is, smacked you butt making you blush a dark shade of red.
"Pervert.." You mumble as Toni winks at you and Gilbert laughs a bit. You glare and head to Social Studies, your favorite class. Social Studies was your favorite because well, All you have to do is memorize things, write it down, put it on some homework, and BAM! take a test. But that was all.
Your Teacher Mr.J, got off topic and didn't really care about the rules. You could be in the middle of working on a paper and he'd start a conversation with everyone, have a rap battle, or a 'Yo Mama' face off.
He high-fived you o
:iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 625 758
BLUSHIN' by pikachumustache BLUSHIN' :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 2 51 100 Watchers! by pikachumustache 100 Watchers! :iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 0 28
Germany x Reader- Party?
My Late halloween story! Hope Y'all like it!
Ludwig's POV~
I sighed, coming home from training. It went the same as always, Felincio sat there and cried while Kiku tried his best. I walked up to my door to find (Y/N) sitting there....Asleep. I sighed again and opened the door, then picking her up and carrying her into the living room. I put her softly down on the couch  and she woke up.
"Luddy!" She giggled, I blushed at the name she'd given me when we first met as kids." Are you going to Gil's party?" She asked excitedly. Wait, what party? I swear if Gilbert does something else stupid I'm gonna-
"I'm afraid I haven't heard about this 'party'" I cut my thoughts off  and she took my hand.
" Come on! We can go together!" I blushed at those words and nodded."..Uh Luddy, you okay? Your face is red." She said making my blush darker if it could be.
"Ja, I'm okay.." I tell her and she stands up.
"Okay~ By the way-- It's a costume party! Meet ya there at 6 okay?" She said kissing my
:iconpikachumustache:pikachumustache 67 83
Enjoy my stuff I consider 'art'~!


Soccer fail by Cathines-Stamps Soccer fail :iconcathines-stamps:Cathines-Stamps 2,345 218 I Am Woman! Hear Me, Smash! by Faxen I Am Woman! Hear Me, Smash! :iconfaxen:Faxen 110 21 Twerk Team. by KERPLUNKXD Twerk Team. :iconkerplunkxd:KERPLUNKXD 20 25
England x Reader - Snog
  It sounded a bit funny.
  But what did it mean?
  These were the thoughts that filled your mind as you continued on your stroll around the park near your house. Earlier, Francis had come up to you and told you to ask Arthur to snog you...
  When you had asked what the word 'snog' meant, he merely did that funny 'Ohonhonhon~' laugh of his, his perverted smirk growing a bit wider. He then said, 'Arthur will show you soon, ma cherie!' before walking away, leaving you confused.
  You had considered looking it up, but being the lazy person you were you decided not to. Snog couldn't be a bad thing, could it?
  ...Well, maybe it could, considering how Francis had told you to ask Arthur to snog you. And, well... Francis is a big fat pervert. Snog could very well mean sex if it came from Francis. And you didn't plan to lose your virginity just yet.
  Well actually, losing your virginity to Arthur wouldn't
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,142 479
Cry: Poke by Kiwa007 Cry: Poke :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 5,403 196
.:[REQUEST] Problems of the heart~Kyoya X Reader:.
You sat in the passenger seat of your dads 1964 mustang (that's what my dad drives thought it would work nicely here) and sighed. You were on your way to sign the finalization paper work for your scholarship to Ouran Academy.
"Look Hun that's your new school!" your dad pointed to the large PINK building? What really PINK of all colors? Of course you had seen the school in brochures and the website but you never thought it would be so vibrant and........ disgusting. You scowled as you got closer and saw the female uniforms.
"Come in cheer up sweetie you'll have a great time no matter how hideous the school is." your dad smiled and walked around to your side and opened the door like he always does. "Come on girly let's get movin'!" you giggled and fallowed you dad into the school.
After about an hour of signing papers in the headmaster's office you were told you would roam the school on your own while your father was filled in on everything he needed to know. You nod and walk out into th
:iconoo0ryuuheartsyou0oo:oO0RyuuHeartsYou0Oo 453 116
Mori x Reader: Cake
It was just plain vanilla bean, the cake I had bought for my new acquaintance.  Maria- sama is not going to love it but hay I'm broke.  It was around twelve when I realized that the cake did not have the filling I had asked for. Oh well I thought at least I can tell him something happened to it. I looked around and hurriedly dropped the cake over the tiny bridge. I heard a "thunk" as it hit an obstruction. I slowly peered over the ledge.
Of all the people in the world, why did I drop my cake on (what could be) one of the most drop dead gorgeous guys? "I-I'm so sorry sir! Here let me help you…" I tried to go down and around to be at his level in the dry ditch. When I came over, he was taller than I had thought, and had less cake on him. His white tank and blue sweatshirt were plastered in white icing. It was actually quite funny. At the time I sort of giggled, but I quickly cleared my throat and offered" Here let's go to my place. I live in those apartments. "He
:iconlittlemissluck:LittleMissLuck 371 58
Ivane Gratith by Gerardwei Ivane Gratith :icongerardwei:Gerardwei 10 15 Cry: My Body Is Ready by Kiwa007 Cry: My Body Is Ready :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 5,009 366
Gone By
What happened in those days
Those days long gone by...
There were quiet car trips,
And a warm comfy bed...
There were TV cartoons,
And adventure stories...
There was happy music,
And my teddy bear...
There was yummy pizza,
And magic kisses...
Those days long gone by
Really are long gone by...
:iconiraincrows:iRainCrows 4 1
AVPM Snape by ragweed AVPM Snape :iconragweed:ragweed 1,237 122 AVPS - Late by Sar-FanGirl AVPS - Late :iconsar-fangirl:Sar-FanGirl 221 22 Jigglypuff... by FangsAndNeedles Jigglypuff... :iconfangsandneedles:FangsAndNeedles 140 37 avps - little D by nhaingen avps - little D :iconnhaingen:nhaingen 1,163 121 86. Seeing Red by marbri 86. Seeing Red :iconmarbri:marbri 136 36



Sat May 11, 2013, 4:20 PM

Okay, so I'm watching Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix , and Bellatrix just killed Sirious. It wasn't serious's death that made me cry, it was Harry's reaction to the death. Ad I really need to rant about this douchepickle Bellatrix!

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Ayden D
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APH - Gangnam Parody 2 by zakunjya

Russia Chibi-Jump Stamp by MissBezz <~ I love this dance!

I really want a membership but I can't afford to have one :iconcanadasulkplz: OH WELL :iconderpplz:



I am a girl~ I've never blushed or had my first kiss before.
I like Hetalia, InuYasha, Pokemon, and Invader Zim! My favorite musical is the Newsies or the Nightmare before Christmas. I have the best brother ever! And I am a Christian Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar :iconwalkswithchrist:. my besty is :iconhetaliaamericagirl: Its mah Silvia~ and she is awesome(like Prussia)
My guy-friend is Colton aka :iconsupahskittles: Feel free to annoy him.

I LOVE SLENDER :iconslendydanceplz:

.:Switzerland Gun Smex:. by QueenOfPrussia <~~ Nosebleed worthy!

I take Requests so don't be afraid to ask, I won't do yuri because well..... I just feel awkward writing it but i will do yaoi. My best is reader inserts~ but I will not do lemons, sorry. My family looks at my profile and I don't want them to see that~

What Anime Season Are You?
What Anime Season Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Which Hunger Games District Do You Belong to?
Which Hunger Games District Do You Belong to?
Hosted By Anime
What Anime Personality Are You?
What Anime Personality Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Soul Eater Guy Is For You?
What Soul Eater Guy Is For You?
Hosted By Anime
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
What Genre Of Manga Are You?
Hosted By Anime
Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?
Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?
Hosted By Anime
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime……



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